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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

Firstly the Classic heavy stock paper and beautiful printing feels like it will stand up amazingly to play sessions for years. I really like that they printed on this classic non glossy paper and still included all the color tints to make it look fabulous.

The magic items, monsters and new background template really fit in with the feel of the module. The background gives players a real connection to the events of the game so its definitely work looking at.

 The background template is an add on to existing backgrounds to add in a possible new feature and some background events that tie directly into this module so if your playing this module its useful but if not its not needed.

The maps are beautifully done pieces by Jared Blando.

Reading over the module I note that they have used a mode classic pre 4th ed design. Monsters in the back and rooms in the front. This give back soe economy of space and let them pack in more material for sure. This is something that always bothered me about 4th edition so I was very glad to see this format back.

The magic items, without getting into spoilers, include 2 legendary, 1 uncommon and 1 rare. The items give a real "WOW COOL" factor.

There have been plenty of sales promo materials written up about the product so I dont see much point in rehashing that angle of this product. I will say that Kobold Press has done a great job with this and I think wizards made a great choice going with them.

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