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Monday, 11 August 2014

First game with the players handbook

Well my players did not want to finish the Starter set module and wanted to get their new full players handbook characters rolled up badly so off we were to the races.

in my group everyone had bought a players handbook so 4 players with 5 PHB at the table.

1 hour later everyone had a character ready to go. We ended up with two high elves, one a fighter and one a wizard, a half elf bard and a wood elf rogue. Lot of fwefwe at the table O.o

I took their back stories and wove them together into one. They were quickly confused to find themselves starting out at the ruins of a caravan they had survived an attack by 60 red cloaked riders the night prior. following the trail they found themselves arriving at Phandelver :o

While tracking down some of the red cloaks they found their old characters had been killed and zombified. Many fights later we came across one situation where a player tried to drag a fellow out of a hole away from enemy skeletons and then claiming there should be no attacks of opportunity because "forced moves no AOO". no way I was going to let that fly because it opens up waaaaay to much opportunity for using push the enemy effects to stop AOO for party members.

the game system played robust. fun and fast. 5th edition is the game system to take us back to tension and fun in a game. A player can be killed in any combat there is once again risk and reward and that "HELL YAH!" moments when players overcome something dangerous and feel some real accomplishment.

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